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Compass & Bubble Type Panorama bracket

Compass & Bubble Type Panorama bracket for most digital Cameras

The Universal Panorama bracket. Can be set for nearly any Digital Camera.    Includes mounted bubble level, and Compass to line up a series of shots to be stitched into a 360 degree panorama.   

Mounts on any Monopod or tripod with 1/4-20 mounting screw.   

Included is a sheet of our unique compass guides which can be cut out and slid under the quality transparent Map type compass.    This makes it easier to quickly go to each position needed for the photo sequence. Just line up the compass needle over each of the position lines, level the bubble and snap the photo.   

Adjusts to fit cameras with up to 3.75 inches between the center of the lens and the bottom side of the camera.    Up to 2.25 inches from the tripod mount forward to the "nodal point" (optical center) of the lens.    Just re-adjust the bracket when you next upgrade you Camera!

Base is anodized "T-slot" aluminum, the angle bracket is CNC fabricated aluminum with a durable black powder coated finish.

Works great with a monopod for quick and easy transportation and setup.

Approximate dimensions: 9inches long, 7 inches high, and 3 to 5 inches wide. Weight is approximately 22oz.

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PS-02 Compass & Bubble Type Panorama bracket Price: $115.00

Photo Tripod to Surveyor Equipment Adapter bushing set

Bottom of laser level, adapter bushing, photo tripod top.

Standard Photo Type Tripod Adapter for Surveyor type Equipment

There are many newer light weight instruments such as the "Laser Level" which mount on a surveyors tripod using a large 5/8-11 mounting stud. These surveyors tripods are very stable, but are relatively large and heavy and may not be suited for use indoors. This adapter set allows these lighter weight instruments to be used on standard, and much lighter photographic type tripods. It is a two piece adapter which screws into the bottom of the instrument or laser levels base, and reduces the threads to either the 3/8-16 or 1/4-20 threads on the mounting stud of the photographic tripod. The 5/8-11 to 3/8-16 adapter is steel, and the 3/8-16 to 1/4-20 adapter is made of plated brass.

PS-04 Surveyor type Equipment to Photographic Tripod Adapter Price: $14.00

We reserve the right to make updates and modifications to the designs shown, and some items may vary somewhat from image shown. All measurements are approximate and may change with future design changes.

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