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Please call to discuss questions on:

-- How the EasyChair WorkStation™ can help people work more productively. -- Details on using an EasyChair WorkStation™ in you situation. -- When you would not use the standard EasyChair WorkStation™. -- Other uses for the EasyChair WorkStation™ such as: Walk-up standing position, Roll-up wheelchair position, in addition to the EasyChair, and Standard Desk positions. -- Special Equipment you may want to use such as Voice Recognition, special pointing devices or Wireless keyboards. --

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Custom Work or Packaging

Please call if you have a special situation that the above products do not meet. We can Quote custom work such as special mounting points or other than standard size workstations. We also have many other monitor mounting solutions available from our OEM suppliers we represents such as special LCD mounting arms, and ceiling mounts. We can also quote accessories packages (trackballs, mousepads, cable sets) for institutional purchasers, or Rehabilitation Professionals.

EyeTech Digital on BA Workstation

Boom Arm Series of Workstation.

Here a Laptop Boom Arm Workstation is supporting a Laptop computer equiped with an EyeTech Digital Systems Quick Glance, eye gaze tracking system. This system alows entering computer data without a keyboard or mouse by using eye movement tracking. Eyetech can supply a complete package including the Boom Arm Starbase Workstation(TM) to go with your Quick Glance system.

Bed Workstation Configuration

Hospital Bed/ Wheelchair workstation.

This is an example of a customized installation. This client was confined to either a motorized wheelchair, or a hospital type bed. We supplied a custom monitor jack with an extended height column, and the Sidekick Keyboard Podium with an 8 inch extension. We also supplied a wireless keyboard & mouse package. This allows the computer monitor to be swung over the bed, and the Sidekick supporting the mouse and keyboard is raised and positioned also over the bed for use. Each can be easily pushed out of the way when the client is finished. When the client is in his wheelchair, the monitor arm is positioned to point the monitor straight out, and the keyboard podium is just positioned in front of the monitor. The client can then just roll his wheelchair up to the workstation and begin work.

Bed Workstation Configuration

We regularly work with Vocational Rehabilitation Agencies and Professionals. Please call if we might help you with an EasyChair WorkStation™ package for one of you clients. We can accept purchase orders from qualifying agencies.
Starbase workstation used with a wheelchair.Starbase workstation used at a bed.Example of the use of the Starbase workstation used with a wheelchair or Bed. No special modifications are needed for either the Wheelchair, Bed, or Starbase workstation.
We are proud to announce that EasyChair WorkStation™ has worked with the National Rehabilitation Association , and the Ohio Rehabilitation Association.

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Watch for updates to this page. See also the Ergonomics Resources on the Links Page.

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