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A message from the Inventor of the EasyChair WorkStation™.

  • I designed the EasyChair WorkStation for me. I enjoy surfing the Internet, and find that instead of spending several hours per night watching TV, I spend that time in Cyberspace. I started out with my computer monitor, keyboard and mouse on a conventional table. I realized that I wanted to 'slouch' down in my chair and put my feet up as I surfed. I also became aware of how little I actually used the keyboard. Most of the input is done with the mouse, and about the only time I used the keyboard was to type in keywords for a search engine. Getting comfortable for the several hours I was at the computer was not happening. I thought about my easy chair and how comfortable that was when watching a movie, or even reading a book. I tried using my recliner at my computer desk, but they just weren't made to work together. The desk kept getting in the way. I wish I could get rid of the desk, and make the monitor float in front in front of me as I sat comfortably in my EasyChair. This is exactly what I came up with.

  • What Is the Easychair Workstation System? 

  • The EasyChair WorkStation is a steel frame which supports an adjustable CRT arm (the Monitor Jack™;). The CRT on its platform can then be swung to one side, or be positioned directly over the EasyChair. The keyboard rests on a pull out rack in front of the CRT screen, and can be use there for occasionally typing as described above, or placed in your lap if more extensive typing is needed. I have a storage holder for the mouse, but it is usually used on a mousepad with a rigid base which sets on the arm of my armchair. This is the most natural position in which I have ever used a mouse. My entire forearm is supported naturally at my side. The CRT can be positioned directly in front of you, off to one side at an angle, or pushed out of the way to easily get in or out of your chair. The arm can swing a full 180 degrees. This allows for an interesting second position. If a small computer desk is placed on the other side of the arm from the EasyChair, the CRT can be swung around to be placed above the desk for 'conventional' use. The desk can be a very small or 'laptop' type desk since it does not have to support the weight of the monitor. This gives the best of both worlds, a desk workstation if you have to perform a deskbound task, and the EasyChair Surfstation position when you are set free.


    EasyChair, Monitor Jack, and small Desk

    Can also be set up for Dual Use:

    Place a small desk or table on the other side of the arm and you can swing the CRT around for conventional desk style use or back to your Easy Chair for Easy use.

    Monitor Jack™ base legs slide under or around your chair and table. An EasyChair Workstation™ can take up as little as 6 feet of wall space.


    Placing and using the Easychair Workstation:

  • The Easychair should fit between the front and back legs of the base frame. The column should be between and 2 and six inched from the side of the Easychair. Place the computer on the other side of the column as shown in the depiction. The cables from the monitor, speakers and keyboard should be routed so they are neat in appearance, but can move with the monitor arm as it is positioned. Leave enough cable on the keyboard to either be on its pull out support, or placed in your lap for extended use. Split Loom Tubing available from Radio Shack can really dress up this cable bundle. Usually all the standard cable are long enough with this arrangement, but occasionally extensions may be needed.

  • Pointing Devices:

  • How you use your mouse or other pointing device is very dependent on you particular armchair. If you use a mouse, some sort of rigid base will be needed for you mousepad. Many are available commercially often with integral wrist supports. See the Fellowes Rigid mousepad below.
    An inexpensive alternative is removing the clamping ring mechanism from a standard three ring binder and using this as a mouse pad or mouse pad base. Either the back can be removed and used alone, or on some chairs, the front flap slid between the cushion and the chair arm which holds the back flap in place on top of the chair arm. I keep the mouse in a holder on the column when not being used. Clamping the mouse cable so that it wont crash all the way to the floor if it slip off the arm is also a good precaution. I personally use a trackball device ( the Logitech Trackman Marble). It was a little strange at first training my thumb to run the trackball, but much as riding a bike, it is very natural for me now and I have one on both my home and office computer. I use a couple of strips of self adhesive foam rubber weather stripping on the bottom of my trackball housing to make it more stable on my very rounded arm of my EasyChair. I started out using a traditional mouse, and it actually worked well directly on the fake leather my EasyChair is covered in.
  • Logitech Marble Ergonomic TrackballLogitech Marble Ergonomic Trackball

    I have tried many different mice and pointing devices. The best mouse & pad combination is shown above with a Microsoft Intellimouse & the GEL Pad. I have now switched to the Logitech Trackman Marble trackball pointing device. This uses an optical system which looks at spots on the trackball to detect its movement. This completely eliminates that annoying skipping when regular trackballs or mice get dirty. Your hand rests naturally on the Trackman Marble your fingers on the buttons, and your thumb on the trackball. It is a little strange at first to get used to moving the trackball with your thumb, but just like riding a bike it becomes second nature quickly. I now have one on both my home and business computers.

    What Do I do with all of the Cables?

    The tangle of cables are a fact of life with computers. A few feet of a product called "loom tubing", and several assorted cable clamps an ties really helps dress things up. The loom tubing is a flexible corrugated plastic slit along its length for easy installation over cables. This lets you collect the CRT power & video, and speaker cables in a single umbilical cord. It gives the back of the monitor a much cleaner organized appearance.

    High Performance multi coaxial VGA extension cableWhat about Video extenson Cables?

    Use High Performance multi coaxial VGA extension cable: Depending on how you arrange your computer and the length of your monitor's cable, you may or may not need an extension cable for your monitor. If you do, be wary of standard 15 pin extension cables. The high frequency video signals of today's SVGA monitors can have shadows and extra interference lines using "standard" cables. This product has separate individual coaxial cores for each of the color signal lines. This will give you the best display with the least amount of interference.

    Speaker Mounting ExampleSpeaker Mounting ExampleWhat About the Speakers?

    While some new monitors have the speakers built in, most do not. The can be mounted on the side of the monitor with velcro, or one of the many available kits. The speakers show here are attached to a strip of DIN rail or other strip of material and suspended across the monitor. Computer speakers are all shielded so they do not affect the display. I personally like the Cambridge Soundworks speakers because first they have great sound, and they have a separate volume control which connects back the subwoofer box(placed behind the Chair). The two satellite speakers are very small and only have thin audio cables to connect to them. The speakers come with Velcro strips to mount them to the sides or top of the monitor, and Velcro to mount the remote volume control to the side of the Monitor Jack™ column.

    GEL Ergonomic Mouse PadFellowes GEL Ergonomic Mouse Pad

    This mouse pad is the best I have ever used for a standard mouse. It is very well suited for use as part of the EasyChair WorkStation in that it has a rigid base supporting the mouse pad area, and a GEL wrist support cushion. It is shown here on the arm of my own EasyChair. Using a mouse this way is very comfortable in the chairs arm supports you forearm and elbow, and the GEL wrist pad supports your wrist at a very natural arm position.

  • Do's and Don'ts:


  • Do

    EasyChair WorkStation™ LINKS

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    Here are some links to other ergonomic product sites. Some have products which would probably be competitors, but they all have some excellent articles on the ergonomic use of computer equipment.


    EyeTech Digital Systems/ -- Produces the Quick Glance, eye gaze tracking system for entering computer data without a keyboard or mouse. Eyetech can supply a Boom Arm Starbase Workstation(TM) to go with your Quick Glance system.

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    We are listed in WorkSpace Resources: Your online source for information about the working environment, ergonomics, design and the contract furniture industry.

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