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Starbase flyerStarbase Photosheet Star Base EasyChair Workstation for Laptops and LCD Flatacreens, Information sheet

More ways to use your EasyChair WorkStation™.

ReclinerLTSB1.gif (18462 bytes)

Here is the Boom Arm Starbase workstation supporting a Laptop for use in a recliner.

ReclinerLcdSB2.gif (18666 bytes)

A typical Recliner base workstation with a standard CPU box, and an LCD Flatscreen monitor supported by the Boom Arm Starbase Easychair Workstation. The keyboard is stored or parked on top of the CPU box when not in use, and is just placed in the users lap when typing. A mouse or trackball is used on the chairs arm.

wheelChairSB2.gif (15250 bytes)

Another important use is with a wheelchair. This allows the Laptop to be used with no modifications to the wheelchair, and the Laptop Starbase Workstation can still be used with a standard chair, or next to a standard desk.

Laptop up high One of the best features of the Boom Arm Starbase series of workstations is its great range of motion and adjustabilty. Here the boom arm has been swung up to position to a very high positon which positions the display of the laptop at nearly 5 feet high. The double ball and socket joint of the link arm which attaches the laptop holder (or VESA LCD Mount) to the boom arm alows the display to be positioned level or at any other desired angle. This very high position would work well to get the display up to a visible position for a small presentation or classroom. This would also be the positon used if you want to be able to operate your computer while on something like a treadmill as illustrated below. And the arm and laptop/display can be repostioned down for use at a chair or desk in seconds. At a smaller angle the laptop can also be positoned at the right height for using it comfortable while standing.

treadmillLTSB5.gif (12827 bytes) treadmillLTSB4.gif (11039 bytes)
treadmillSB4.gif (12361 bytes) treadmillSB3.gif (17713 bytes)

Some views of Using the Starbase Series with excersize equipment such as stationary bikes, or a treadmill as shown here. You can surf the web, read reports or the news, and if you have a TV tuner or DVD player equipped PC/Laptop you can even watch your favorite show while you get in your workout.

bedSB3.gif (12010 bytes)

Whether for convenience, comfort, or necessity now you can use your PC or Laptop from a standard or hospital type bed. Fully supports your computer at any angle. Swings away easily when your are done, and on casters to move it to another area when you want.

Other uses for the Laptop Platform.

LTnormal.jpg (14064 bytes)The Laptop holder is very versitile is its standard use of holding a laptop computer, but is can also be used for other applications.
LTsideways.jpg (16217 bytes) Here the laptop holder position is rotated 90 degrees to open up and down.
LTPcopyholder.jpg (24095 bytes) A standard clipboard can be held in place by the clamping action of the laptop holder, and used as a copy holder.
LTreading.jpg (16365 bytes) Here a piece of paneling has been cut to make a book or magazine holder. It just slips into place in the clamping action of the Laptop holder base. The fingers at the bottom keep the reading material in place so the reading board does not need a seperate lip.
LTreading2.jpg (21048 bytes)A side view of the Book or magazine board being held in place on the laptop holder platform.
LTworktop.jpg (15454 bytes)A small work surface can be quickly set up with the Laptop holder platform set to level. In this photo a small cutting board is set into the clamping base of the laptop holder to make a work surface. The cutting board is excellent for this applicaiton since it is inexpensive, pre-finished and the right size.

Some Examples of Custom EasyChair WorkStation™ Packages.

LT wkstn KeyPlat CopyHold BookBasket.jpgA Custom Laptop Boom Arm Easychair Workstation configured a keyboard platform, a special Document holder, and a basket for books.
This workstation consists of:
ST-03 Laptop Mount Boom Arm Starbase Workstation
STA-00 Boom Arm and Boom Arm Clamp assembly only
STA-03 Keyboard & Mouse Platform (now a wider platform than that shown)
STA-09 Book Holder / Copy Holder (item shown is different from current)
Also as a Custom item is a bike basket mounted to store books.
A Keyboard podium configured as a workstation with the addition of the Flatscreen arm, and the Cpu Shelf.

2boomArmWS.jpg workstationA custom boom arm workstation with TWO boom arms. The additional boom arm alows for additional flexibility in positioning of the Flatscreen arm, vs where the keyboard is positoned by putting them on seperate arms.
This workstation consists of:
ST-03 Laptop Mount Boom Arm Starbase Workstation
STA-00 Boom Arm and Boom Arm Clamp assembly only
STA-03 Keyboard & Mouse Platform (now a wider platform than that shown)
Also show on this workstation is:
STA-06 Telephone mount for Boom Arm
RMS-06S Universal DrinkCup holder

Laying on side workstationA custom boom arm workstation to be placed at the head of the bed. It can be used while laying flat on the bed, or can be angle to one side for people who must lay on their side in bed. This workstation has an extended length main arm, and a second arm and clamp to mount the keyboard at and adjustable angle relative to the main boom arm.
Laying on side workstationAbove workstation adjusted for user to lay on their back.
This example consists of:
ST-04 LCD SB BA workstation
STA-00 Boom Arm and Boom Arm Clamp assembly only
(custom shorter length boom to mount keyboard platform)
STA-03 Keyboard & Mouse Platform
OLY-10 Ten pound base counterweight plate
STA-02 7" Height Extension tube (qty 2)

gamec1.jpg (20945 bytes) Here is another use for the LCD Flatscreen holder. Instead of mounting the Vesa plate to a monitor, it is mounted with wood screws to a medium size cutting board which is used as a clamping surface for a steering wheel game controller. In this case the Starbase workstation would be placed in front of the user.
gamec2.jpg (23700 bytes) With a laptop also mounted on the boom arm with the game controller, we now have a self contained Game cart.
gamec3.jpg (21511 bytes)Front view of the steering wheel game controller in front of the laptop and its screen.

LCD,Kybd,TS workstation An LCD Monitor is supported above a keyboard on a boom arm, with a top shelf used to positon a Laptop being used as the cpu for the setup. This example consist of:
ST-04 LCD SB BA workstation
STA-03 Keyboard Platform
STA-04 Topshelf option.

Dual monitor ST-04The Boom arm can be positioned anywhere along its length in the boom arm to column clamp. Here a standard LCD mount boom arm workstation is moved so the boom arm clam is near the center of the boom, and a Heavy duty VESA monitor arm mount is added to the other end of the boom. This type of setup works very well for multiple displays for groups, or trade show displays as well as freeing up table space when using multiple displays in programming or graphics applications.
This example consists of:
ST-04 LCD SB BA workstation
RM-17s VESA LCD Monitor Arm for Starbase Workstation

How many hours a month do you sit at your Computer? How much is YOUR comfort worth?

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