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The EasyChair WorkStation™


Turn your EasyChair or recliner into the ultimate computer workstation!

Your monitor screen seems to float in front of your eyes as you relax in the most comfortable chair possible, your own EasyChair or recliner.

Desks are fine for paperwork, but why be chained to a desk to use your computer?

Surf for hours in unparalleled comfort.

Super Comfort for Games and Sims.

The most comfortable way to operate your computer ...Ever!

BoomArmStarBase with all options

The Starbase series for LCD Flatscreen and Laptop Workstations

This versatile series starts off with a star base similar to those on your office chair which has been counterweighted for stability. Our "Boom Arm" version adds an angle and length adjustable stainless steel boom arm which is mounted to the star base. The boom arm then supports a variety of mounting system components can be selected to fit your needs. These include mounts for "VESA" LCD flat screen monitors, our sturdy self-clamping Laptop/Notebook mounting platform, and even a cup-holder for your drinks. These mounts all feature sturdy "ball and socket" locking joints which allow for nearly unlimited adjustment for angle.

The Boom arm workstation is great for comfort use at nearly any recliner, easychair or sofa. It is also well suited for use in special needs situations, such as use with a wheelchair, or hospital type bed.
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ShortArmStarB.jpg (21319 bytes) Also available in our star base series is our "Short Arm" Laptop Workstation. This works great as a portable laptop platform for stand up use where you need it such as patient data access, or an inventory control terminal in the warehouse, or as a Laptop podium when giving "PowerPoint" presentations.

The Short arm workstation also works well as a portable steno type desk in the office where you do not need the extra length of the Boom Arm workstation.

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Handicap SymbolIs Using your computer a Pain? Handicap Symbol

A perfect solution for people who can not sit at a traditional work station for any length of time because of a Physical Condition or Disability. If you are able to sit in a recliner you can now use you computer again! Your recliner is comfortable because it fully supports your body. Your arms fall naturally to the arm rests and are fully supported as you use your mouse. The very Definition of Ergonomics!

Many of our customers are using The EasyChair WorkStation™ because it helps them overcome the physical discomfort of using a traditional workstation. It can even be used beside an adjustable bed (EasyBed WorkStation?). See the ASSITIVE TECHNOLOGY page for more information on how it is helping people.

The Americans with Disabilities Act (or ADA)requires employers to make "reasonable" accommodations for employees with special needs in the workplace. Our workstations can be an extremely economical part of your ADA compliance package. We will be glad to work with your ADA compliance officer or Occupational Therapist to tailor a program for your companies needs.

How many hours a month do you sit at your Computer? How much is YOUR comfort worth?

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